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Get Patient Support

Every patient needs resources and community support. Visit our groups and join the conversation.


Supportive Communities

Explore the TAVR Facebook group.
- If you've been told you need to consider aortic valve replacement, visit our group of supportive friends.
Patients only, please. No industry.

Connect with our group of long-term Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors on Facebook. 
As a teen survivor of HL, Susan helps many patients discover  resources. Connect with us and experience group support.  
Join here. 

Not on Facebook, no problem!

I’d like to invite you to our online heart valve patient community, My Valve My Voice.

It takes less than a minute to join and together we’re sharing our stories, experiences, and ideas.

I know you’ll love it. Even if you are on Facebook, check us out for even more support! Click to join.

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Helpful Resources for Heart Valve Patients

If you or a loved one is facing heart valve replacement, you need to check out Susan's information and encouragement-packed articles on Healthgrades! Topics include: Packing Tips for Your Hospital Stay, How to Manage Anxiety, Living with HVD: Before & After Treatment, Caregiver's Guide, and MORE...

Click here for the full list of resources.

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For More Resources

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