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6 Tips to Manage Anxiety Before Your TAVR Procedure

Facing a life-threatening diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis is stressful any time, but now during a pandemic? That's a guarantee for anxiety! Please know you are not alone. After my diagnosis, I struggled with worry, fear, anxiety, and stress leading up to my treatment. I want to offer you several effective tools that helped calm my fears and ease the stress and anxiety I felt in my body in the form of tight muscles, difficulty sleeping, palpitations, and chest tightness.

My latest article for Healthgrades gives you 6 tools you can use right away to manage anxious feelings before your procedure. Click this link to read the full article on

Send me a note via the website to let me know how you're doing and if you plan to try any of the tips I shared!

And, here on my blog, I'll share a bonus tool that I used leading up to and DURING my TAVR procedure that I found to be very helpful, Guided Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery, by Belleruth Naparstek:

"This award- winning, highly researched meditation for surgery preparation and recovery

was found in double blind, placebo-controlled research to dramatically lower pre-op anxiety and pain, speed up healing, cut length of hospital stay, lower use of medication, and reduce blood loss."

Click this link to hear a sample:

I do not have any relationship with healthjourneys, nor do I receive a referral fee. I just love their guided meditations, and I've used several of them over the past ten years. They have helped me tremendously!

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