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Choosing Joy

Susan's Story of Hope

The day Susan Strong was diagnosed with breast cancer, her trip home included the purchase of a fine champagne.

With a toast, she broke the news to her partner: "Here's to kicking cancer's ass--AGAIN!"


After completing treatment, she left her job as a middle school teacher to follow her heart's call: sharing her secrets how to PLAY Strong, empowering her audiences to create the life they love and to LIVE with joyful resilience.


As a childhood cancer survivor, Susan plans to die young, "as late in life as possible" because until then, she has work to do helping patients facing life after cancer.

Susan's career now reflects her lived experience and her passion, gifts, and talents.  An inspirational speaker, patient advocate, and healthcare consultant for patient engagement, Susan's authentic presence engages audiences instantaneously. 

Connecting with



Decades after Diagnosis: How to Play Strong for Long-term Survivorship

Session Description: Life AFTER Cancer is still mostly uncharted territory.


Learn how to navigate survivorship to create a life that you love.


Susan Strong, a 37-year survivor of two different cancers, shares insight from her experience to help you live your BEST life forward. How to take charge of your
anxiety, self-care, lifestyle, & follow up care.

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