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The Art of Seeing Beyond the Clouds

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Beyond the clouds, the sun shines still.

Taking a walk is my go-to stress reliever. My walk today started with the azure blue sky that Colorado is famous for. During my walking meditation, a storm blew in quickly, and the sun virtually disappeared.

The glimpses of sunshine I could still see behind the dark clouds gave me an intense “a-ha!” moment: Just beyond those ominous clouds, the sun is as bright and the sky is as blue as it had appeared only moments before.

The same is true about life. Dark clouds blow in: cancer, divorce, job loss, financial uncertainty. We experience the darkness of the foreboding clouds, but can we see that they are temporary?

Resilience teaches us that something much deeper, a light inside us, never changes and never fails us, and we carry the hope that we will see the sunshine again.

Beyond the clouds, the sun shines still. We carry the hope in our hearts we will see the sunshine again.


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