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Living with Aortic Stenosis: Before and After Treatment

Even after I was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis, I knew I still had a lot of living left to do! Just a few months after my successful TAVR and completing a hospital-based cardiac rehab program, with my doctor's approval, I took on a challenging exercise program. In my latest article for @healthgrades, I share insights and inspiration from my experiences before and after valve replacement for anyone navigating a diagnosis of severe aortic stenosis.

I didn’t know much about heart valve disease when I was first diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. My cardiologist explained that aortic stenosis occurs when the heart’s aortic valve doesn’t open and close normally and, as a result, the flow of oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body is decreased. As I experienced firsthand, this can lead to symptoms that significantly impact your quality of life. Fortunately, proper treatment via valve replacement resolves these symptoms and gets your heart functioning properly again.

I’ve learned a lot after living with aortic stenosis for more than a decade. I’ve experienced my share of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress as a heart valve patient. And I’ve found the more I understand about my diagnosis, treatment options, follow-up needs, and expectations for the future, the more calm, confident, and empowered I feel about what’s next. Wherever you are on your aortic stenosis journey, it’s enormously helpful to educate yourself and learn what the path ahead entails.

Before Treatment: What to Expect

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