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A Heart Full of Love, Healing, and Gratitude

I thought I'd share something fun and meaningful that I just recently discovered. This morning I completed my first hand-sewn Heart Milagro. Milagro means heart in Spanish, and the Heart Milagro represents love, healing and gratitude. The act of making the Milagro is very calming and meditative, and fun! This first one is for a dear friend, who picked out the colors of felt. I’m starting another one to send to a friend who is facing OHS for three valve replacements! I intend to make creating Milagros a part of my routine and share them as gifts of encouragement. A dear friend of mine who is an artist created a self-paced online class that teaches you step by step how to make these lovely heart milagros. Here's the link to the instructions in case you’re interested in joining me. I’m not a crafty person, I don’t sew, and if I can do this, you can too!! If you or a loved one is facing an upcoming valve replacement, perhaps you might find some comfort in the process of creating a beautiful Milagro and meditating upon your heart's desire as you stitch?

What is something you do that is creative, that fills your cup, that gives you that "joy of being alive" feeling? Let’s share our ideas in the comments to inspire and be inspired!


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